Consistency Yields Results:

While you may want to sign up for a few sessions to begin with so you can test the waters, ​staying consistent ​for at least ​3 months​ will show you that you can do it, and this is usually when results really start showing. Plus, when you invest in yourself ​and value your effort, you're more likely to feel more accomplished. 

Get Even More Bang for Your Buck:

If you know of a few other people who also want to work on their fitness, why not join forces and become a team. Set up fun "training dates", or pair up with your adult kids, siblings, or work friends and make your workouts more fun and supportive. If you've more than 2 people in a group, please contact me with your request as I will need to create a quote and gather some basic information about all participants to ensure everyone's safety. 


For 1 Person

For 2 People




1 Session/week



2 Sessions/week

(most popular)



3 Sessions/week



​4 Sessions/week



*Per Month Rate: This is not based on calendar months. To keep things simple and consistent, billing will occur every 4 weeks​. 

What about travel costs for when Marianne meets you?​Travel is calculated according to the average travel time from Hatboro, PA to your location. A rate of $1/minute is then applied to the outward journey ONLY. So if you're located in Yardly, PA and you want to train 1 session/week the average travel time is 35mins, so the travel fee will be $35/session. Therefore $140 ($35 x 4) is added to the monthly rate. If you ​are located farther than 45 minutes away from Hatboro, then the homeward journey will also be charged at the same rate. This distance is done on special request only.

What training frequency is best? It depends on a few factors: Your current fitness level, your goals and time-frame, what else you'll be doing through the week, and what you are prepared/able to invest in yourself. You might start with 3 sessions per week to really get the exercise technique down, and help you get used to the habit of working out, but then after the first month drop down to 2 sessions per week, especially if you're able to do other activity. 

NOTE: In the interest of fairness (so as not to penalize those who need more or fewer sessions per week), per session rates remain the same regardless of training frequency. ​